Friday, November 26, 2010

PhoneMarks Development Notes 10/11

Currently working on integrating OAuth (Webpage Authentication) within the Android application. This would authenticate the application via a webpage (like the extension) and not require users Google Account details.

Whilst developing the application, I used username and password authentication as it was far simpler to get the application working and off the ground. The extension had a working example that demonstrated how to use the OAuth system.

I understand that users are protective of their account details and always wanted to use the OAuth system throughout the PhoneMarks system.

I have a prototype almost working and will hopefully be able to integrate and release it over the next couple of weeks. This may require re-authentication to use the OAuth, but I'll add an update message to explain if you need to do anything.

Once the OAuth system has been developed I will start with the next feature. This will either be the background synchronisation (both Android and Chrome) or the two-way synchronisation (but this may take longer to solve).

If you have any suggestions or priorities for development of features please comment below.

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