Monday, May 23, 2011

Samsung Device Issue (Update/05/2011)

Finally I have had access to a Samsung handset to check why PhoneMarks doesn't work!

Bad news, for the moment. The Samsung device uses a customised version of the stock browser (as I thought). This customised version allows creation of 'folders' within the bookmarking list. When PhoneMarks updates your bookmarks, it correctly adds/removes them from the standard Android bookmark database on the device.

Now to the problem. The Samsung browser looks like it has another internal bookmark database which maps the standard bookmarks to these folders - and this is what the browser uses. Bookmarks are stored by default in a HOME folder.

Now when PhoneMarks adds/removes bookmarks it doesn't update the Samsung bookmark (folder) database and hence it thinks that these bookmarks are not stored in a folder and hence doesn't display them. On the other hand they do appear in the 'last viewed' (and stared) as this list uses the standard Android bookmark database.

I will try and contact Samsung directly and ask the question of how to access this internal system and add bookmarks to a folder. Will keep you posted on my progress.

A way this problem could be solve would be to use the standard 'add bookmark' prompt dialog system during synchronising. This would mean that on first synchronisation you would be prompted to add every bookmark, but once done would only be prompted for new bookmarks. (This will probably only work in the Pro Version as it contains analysis code on which bookmarks have changed since last synchronisation).

So please bare with me on this issue and I'll keep you posted.

PhoneMarks 11.5.21 Released! (Android)

Minor bug fix - (NaN/Not A Number issue).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

PhoneMarks Development Notes 11/05

Sorry about the delay in the latest development notes, my wife gave birth to my second child at the start of the month and I have been trying to sleep/catch up since then.

Anyway, just released a minor update that includes a new settings page for setting your account. This is for an ongoing support issue - this page gives access to a simple log - and for future setting control - auto-sync time and folder character. I will also try and develop a testing page which will allow new users to check that the PhoneMarks system works on their phone before the full install/setup. This testing page will simply try and add/remove bookmarks - confirming it works.

As far as my development, I have almost got the background synchronisation working in the Chrome Extension - the current development version is working well. Hopefully I'll be able to release this part in the next couple of weeks and then get on to adding it to the Android Pro version.

The Samsung issue is still a hot topic and I do want to solve it, but what with the birth and sleepless nights I haven't had time to check. Will also try and look in to this over the coming weeks.

Thanks to all again - an issues with PhoneMarks, please let me know.

PhoneMarks 11.5.19 Released! (Android)

# New Settings Page #
Created a new settings page for account setup, debug and reset functionality. (This page will be used for additional configuration settings, including auto-sync and folder separator character)
This new page also include access to the debug log and reset functions.

Further Info