Friday, November 19, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.3.0 Released! (Android/Extension)

Extension update to allow more bookmarks to be synchronised.
After requests to allow all bookmarks to be synchronised, I have updated the extension to allow either all your Other Bookmarks, all your Bookmarks Bar or (as default) a custom folder to be synchronised to the phone.  Folders are supported in your phone by adding it before the bookmark name.  Folder structure is maintained by adding '-' between them.  This works for short folder names and may not work for all users - that's why I have a custom folder option.  The reason for the folder information within the bookmark title is that it allows a structure within your phones bookmarks and is ready for when I develop Phone to Chrome as I will require the bookmark folder structure to correctly update your Chrome bookmarks.

Android update now displays an upgrade message informing of the changes.
As the extension does not inform of upgrades, and due to the change above, I have added a message that will appear to inform you of changes.  I may not use this every time I update, but have a system to notify you of important changes that you may be interested of.  This will only appear once.


  1. Successfully installed (through Appbrain) and working fine on Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the application.


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