Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PhoneMarks 1.0 Released! (Android/Extension)

Updated to 1.0!

Update: OAuth Authentication is now supported.
After working out how the OAuth system works, integrating it in to the Android platform and working out the required workflow to request/obtain the tokens - PhoneMarks now supports OAuth! I have left the old Username/Password system just in case the OAuth fails to work.

Update: Additional error messages displayed
Extended the basic failure message to include additional information on failures to sync.


  1. Just like to report a strange bug. After hitting sync using OAuth, it reports Last Updated at Tue Sep 02 at 5:30 in 2008!

  2. Interesting little bug. What does the time in the extension say? Is this the same time? Are you an existing user that used the username/password system previous? Did it report the correct time?
    What timezone are you in? What time does it report in GoogleDocs for the updated time of the PhoneMarks file? Thanks

  3. OK, so no matter when I sync using OAuth, that time stamp is reported. The Chrome extension stamp matches with the PhoneMarks file in Documents and bears no semblance to that stamp from 2008.

    If I switch to the previous sync method, the time stamp is correct, BUT the time reported is GMT, not EST, as reported in the stamp, so it's 5 hours ahead of where it should be.

    If I switch back to OAuth, the time stamp reverts to that funny one from 2008.

    I am a previous user of this app to answer your other question.

  4. Thanks. I've set my GoogleDocs and Phone to EST timezone and both report correctly the timestamp - saying EST. Can you check that you have the timezone set correctly on your phone within the Date & Time settings.

    As far as the OAuth time problem, I'll have to look in to it. Is is changing if you perform another sync from Chrome?

  5. Just updated the app to fix the time problems. Please update and try and see if this solves your problem.

    Thanks Adrian


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