Thursday, November 18, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.5 Released! (Android,Extension)

Updated to warn that Samsung Phones are currently not supported.
It looks like Samsung use their own bookmarking system and hence the standard API calls do not work.  I've downloaded the Samsung TAB module and will check if that has a bookmarking API calls I can use.

Updated icon.
My first icon was a quick mock-up at low resolution as I didn't see the need for generating a high-resolution version.  Anyway Google has forced developers to submit a 512px x 512px icon for the market place, so had to redevelop the icon to have a high-resolution version.


  1. Very nice app! I've been waiting for someone to do this for a long time. And, the addition of the chrome folders as prefixes in Android bookmarks is a great idea. Just looking forward to the 2-way sync!

  2. Please add support for other languages, as the "Other Bookmarks" - folder are called something different in other languages. i.e. Norwegian.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    PhoneMarks should support other languages as I did an update earlier this week to support this.

    Previously I detected the 'Other Bookmarks' folder, but have changed so it looks for a folder (set this up in options or create a folder called 'Mobile Bookmarks') in the second level down of your complete bookmarks list.

    This means that the top level folder name (Other Bookmarks) is not used in the generation of the PhoneMarks file.

    I am in the process of updating the extension to allow All bookmarks to be transferred.

    If you are still getting stuck, please visit the options page in the extension, enable the debug and post/email me the results (re-run PhoneMarks and copy the content). Feel free to remove any private content from the post - all I am doing is checking that its setup and working correctly.

  4. FYI, this works on my Samsung Vibrant with Eugene's Froyo Macnut.

  5. Thank for letting me know. It's probably working as you have a default Froyo installation, rather than the Samsung version.

    If it works for then great and enjoy.

  6. I think a lot of people don't know (despite instructions) the requirement to manually sync with the Chrome extension. Perhaps the extension could be updated to sync automatically?

  7. Thanks for the tip.

    I have always planned on adding the background synchronisation to the extension and Android application. Although I may charge a minimal fee for the Android Application to do this. I decided to release the application now as it worked - although manual.

    In addition to adding the background synchronisation, I will try and add the reverse Phone to Chrome and complete the application. Although this is much harder as you have to handle additions, removals and edits on both sides - while not damaging your bookmarks ;)

    I will make it clearer that it is currently a manual process to synchronise your bookmarks.

    Thanks again.

  8. The tricky part comes in when adding a new bookmark at the phone that one would like nested in folders the way one might have the existing bookmarks. I suppose in order to move the newly added bookmark which would exist at the root of the main 'mobile favorites' to a subdirectory, one would have to manually move that bookmark within Chrome at the PC, unless you can think of a more elegant solution.

  9. This worked fine on my stock Samsung Captivate. I tried it before I saw the message that is was not supposed to work.

  10. Thanks for the update - interesting that some do then.


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