Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.3 Released! (Extension)

Update to the extension released with the following changes;

  • Debug mode
    This displays additional information on what bookmarks PhoneMarks has detected and is useful when understanding users issues within PhoneMarks.  This is enabled within the options page.
  • Options page saving and layout.
    Better workflow for editing settings as it now has a 'save' button.
    Also split GoogleDocs information from settings area.
If you are having problems with uploading bookmarks, please enable the debug and send the contents.   


  1. Hi,

    thanks for your work. I have still some problems ;)

    It seems to work, so I am getting no errors anymore, but in fact it just deleted my whole google docs folder "Google Chrome". No bookmarks left at all. Same on the phone just cleared them, nothing there as well.

    I even cannot get my PC to sync the bookmarks up again, very strange.

    No real Problem at all, because I made external backup of my bookmarks.

    Debbug log for pressing sync:
    Delete Bookmarks
    Create Bookmarks
    Add Bookmark: , PhoneMarks

    Debug log for opening again:
    Search Folder: Mobile Bookmarks
    Bookmark Folder:
    Bookmark Folder:
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Uni,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Interessantes,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Interessantes,Web-Space,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Galaxy S,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Galaxy S,Moding & Root,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Games,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Games,StarCarft II,
    Bookmark Folder: Lesezeichenleiste,Games,Assasin's Creed 2,
    Bookmark Folder: Weitere Lesezeichen,
    Bookmark Folder: Weitere Lesezeichen,Mobile Bookmarks,
    ----- Add Bookmark: PhoneMarks

  2. Thanks Heiko.

    I don't understand why your Google Chrome folder was deleted. I do not currently make any changes to your browsers bookmarks - only read and create a PhoneMarks file in your Google Docs area.

    Also the Google Chrome folder is protected and can not be access or change anything with my API. (Think is this protected to Google only).

    It does look like it has found one bookmark and should have uploaded that to your GoogleDocs area. Can you confirm you have a PhoneMarks document within your GoogleDocs area? Also you have to have at least one other file uploaded to your GoogleDocs area. For some reason it fails to upload my file if there are NO files. (This doesn't include the Google Chrome folder).

    Hope this helps and let me know.

  3. I don't understand that either, it seem to be that my bookmarks must be there, because i made a new install on another machine and it could download all bookmarks without a problem.

    Yes, the extension did find the one and only bookmark in the "Mobile Bookmarks" folder. But it cannot get it to my mobile.

    What I really wanted was to push all my bookmarks to the phone, not only one folder, but it is a start.

  4. What phone are you using? I have had reports that this doesn't work with some browsers. The library I am using accesses and updates the standard bookmarking system within Android. If your phone manufacturer has developed their own, then I am unable to sync with that.

    I have been informed that it doesn't work with the Samsung Captive.

  5. Interesting...

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S (international model of captivate, which I think is the US-T-Mobile version)

    I must investigate about the browser a bt further:
    - in stock browser: my old bookmarks got deleted, but there are no new ones
    - in miren Browser (alternative browser) the synced bookmark is available!!!

  6. That does sound interesting. It looks like Miren could use the standard android browser bookmark system.

    Huummmm... if your bookmarks were deleted maybe there is does use the standard bookmarks and I am missing some data the Samsung browser needs.

    I am investigating getting it work.

  7. I just looked around in my stock browser:

    Favorites was empty, but under the second "menu" (sorry don't know the word) which should be called something like "often visited pages" there was the bookmark with a golden star.

    I just hit the star to uncheck and checked again and now it is there.

    Very strange, I will try to make it again with more bookmarks

  8. Ah.. maybe I have missed a value when creating the bookmark that the Samsung browser uses.

    Please let me know if the Bookmarks are within 'often visited pages'.

    Thanks for your help. Adrian

  9. Tried again, yes they show up within 'often visited pages' and are marked with a star.

    I will be away for a couple of hours, but will come back and look forward for an update.

    Thanks for your work!

  10. I am unable to use phonemarks - I allow access to gdocs, then click the icon in the browser, and immediately I get "access failed please try again (400)". I have tried multiple times-no luck.


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