Friday, November 26, 2010

PhoneMarks Development Notes 10/11

Currently working on integrating OAuth (Webpage Authentication) within the Android application. This would authenticate the application via a webpage (like the extension) and not require users Google Account details.

Whilst developing the application, I used username and password authentication as it was far simpler to get the application working and off the ground. The extension had a working example that demonstrated how to use the OAuth system.

I understand that users are protective of their account details and always wanted to use the OAuth system throughout the PhoneMarks system.

I have a prototype almost working and will hopefully be able to integrate and release it over the next couple of weeks. This may require re-authentication to use the OAuth, but I'll add an update message to explain if you need to do anything.

Once the OAuth system has been developed I will start with the next feature. This will either be the background synchronisation (both Android and Chrome) or the two-way synchronisation (but this may take longer to solve).

If you have any suggestions or priorities for development of features please comment below.

PhoneMarks 0.3.3 Released! (Extension)

Fixed Bug: Bookmark folders with a similar name as your selected one being synchronised
If you had two bookmark folders called 'Android' & 'Android Development' and selected the 'Android' folder to synchronise, both folders would be synchronised. Update will now only take the bookmarks from the selected folder.

Fixed Bug: Bookmarks with NO title weren't being synchronised
While developing, I detected if the URL and TITLE were set before synchronise them as I always set both these fields. Since releasing, some users don't set a TITLE for a bookmark. This has been fixed so that these are included in the synchronisation. URL field will still be required.

Monday, November 22, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.3.2 Released! (Extension)

Fixed Bug: Options page resetting on load
Had a report that the extension update caused the options page to reset your settings each time it was loaded after a restart of your browser. This caused your selected bookmark folder to be reset to 'Bookmark bar' when you viewed the options page.
Fixed so that the options page correctly loads your saved settings when the page is viewed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.3.1 Released! (Extension)

Update so that folder selection is a drop down
Released last night, and forgot about my international users - would not allow them to select the other folders.
Update now displays a drop down list of your bookmarks folders that you can select.

Note: there is an issue that the searching for the folder doesn't works. If you have 2 folders that start with the same name, I.e. android and android apps, it will sync both if you had only selected the android folder. Update in the next few days. Work around is to rename so the folder has a unique name.

Friday, November 19, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.3.0 Released! (Android/Extension)

Extension update to allow more bookmarks to be synchronised.
After requests to allow all bookmarks to be synchronised, I have updated the extension to allow either all your Other Bookmarks, all your Bookmarks Bar or (as default) a custom folder to be synchronised to the phone.  Folders are supported in your phone by adding it before the bookmark name.  Folder structure is maintained by adding '-' between them.  This works for short folder names and may not work for all users - that's why I have a custom folder option.  The reason for the folder information within the bookmark title is that it allows a structure within your phones bookmarks and is ready for when I develop Phone to Chrome as I will require the bookmark folder structure to correctly update your Chrome bookmarks.

Android update now displays an upgrade message informing of the changes.
As the extension does not inform of upgrades, and due to the change above, I have added a message that will appear to inform you of changes.  I may not use this every time I update, but have a system to notify you of important changes that you may be interested of.  This will only appear once.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.5 Released! (Android,Extension)

Updated to warn that Samsung Phones are currently not supported.
It looks like Samsung use their own bookmarking system and hence the standard API calls do not work.  I've downloaded the Samsung TAB module and will check if that has a bookmarking API calls I can use.

Updated icon.
My first icon was a quick mock-up at low resolution as I didn't see the need for generating a high-resolution version.  Anyway Google has forced developers to submit a 512px x 512px icon for the market place, so had to redevelop the icon to have a high-resolution version.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.4 Released! (Extension)

Small update to the extensions options/help page.  Updated so that it gives step-by-step installation instructions on using and setting up PhoneMarks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.3 Released! (Extension)

Update to the extension released with the following changes;

  • Debug mode
    This displays additional information on what bookmarks PhoneMarks has detected and is useful when understanding users issues within PhoneMarks.  This is enabled within the options page.
  • Options page saving and layout.
    Better workflow for editing settings as it now has a 'save' button.
    Also split GoogleDocs information from settings area.
If you are having problems with uploading bookmarks, please enable the debug and send the contents.   

PhoneMarks 0.2.2 Released! (Android)

Added 'Move To SD Card'.

Monday, November 15, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.2.2 Released! (Extension)

PhoneMarks Extension Update has been updated to v0.2.2.

The PhoneMarks extension did not support international browsers.  This has been corrected to detect the 'Mobile Bookmarks' folder (or bookmarks folder name set up in options) correctly.

In addition I have noticed that the PhoneMarks extension link to GoogleDocs requires at least ONE document to be uploaded to GoogleDocs in order for this to work.  This should be corrected in next version.

In the meantime, please browse to and upload something to your GoogleDocs area.

Thanks All.

PhoneMarks 0.2 Released!

Thanks for everyone who has downloaded the application and extension.

Please stay with it as it is a work in progress beta for the moment.

Anyway v0.2 released to market and extensions with a better explanation on how to setup and use PhoneMarks.

If you didn't catch it or read it follow these instructions;

  • Install the Chrome Extension.
  • Create a folder within your bookmarks called 'Mobile Bookmarks'.
  • Add a bookmark to this folder.
  • Sync your bookmarks - and authorise access to your GoogleDocs.
  • Install the Android Application.
  • Link your Google account with the application.
  • Hit Sync!
PhoneMarks should now sync.  It will also handle folders within the Mobile Bookmarks folder, prefixing them within your phones bookmark lists!

Once this release is stable, I'll get on with the background (automatic) and Phone to Chrome updates.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.1 Released!

PhoneMarks 0.1 has been released.

This is the first beta version of the Chrome to Phone Bookmark sync application.

Friday, November 12, 2010

PhoneMarks 0.1 (BETA) almost available.

PhoneMarks is a new Chrome Browser Extension and Android Phone Application.
With both installed, you can easily synchronise bookmarks between your desktop and your phone.

Both BETA versions will be released to the marketplaces within the next week.

Further Info