Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Due to changes in Chrome, the extension now does not install or work.

Over the last few months I have upgraded the extension to use the new framework, but in changing this required to also update the OAuth and use the newer GoogleDrive API to communicate with.  The new extension did work with the latest Chrome browser and looked like the system would work together.

Except the GoogleDocs library and GoogleDrive library do not work seamless together - you can read documents uploaded via GoogleDoc in the GoogleDrive, but not the other way around.

Therefore without updating the Android application as well to use the GoogleDrive API, and upgrading the OAuth too, the new extension would not work.  Also as this will only work with 2.x devices - this is very old technology.

I have therefore unpublished the application from the GooglePlay store.
Thanks for supporting me and my application.


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