Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PhoneMarks 11.11.21 Released! (Android+Chrome)

Update to Korean translations


  1. Tried with Google Chrome 16.0.912.63m and Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch) with android 2.3.6 and stock browser. the android app puts the bookmarks to folder "Am häufigsten besucht" (german) what might be translated as "most frequently visited" but NOT to "Favoriten" where there should be in my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    It could be related to the SGS1/SGS2 issue where Samsung does something slightly different to the normal browser in storing their bookmarks.

    Try using the TESTING menu within SETTINGS and checking that the bookmarks is added/removed correctly. Also use the List Bookmarks to
    check what PhoneMarks think you have in your bookmark list. Finally can you send me AccessorName is displayed at the top of the popups when you run the testing.

    Once I have this information, I'll try and workout why it's not going in to the favourites area. If you can email me, then it will be easier than posting on the blog.


  3. ive tried several times to run a synchro on t-mobile SG2 and every time the app freezes have tried reinstalling and both open access and standard access to no avail. the synchro on chrome seems to be working

  4. Hi Chuck1310.
    Thanks for your feedback. Can you do a couple of things for me;
    - First of all can you re-run PhoneMarks and report the crash when prompted - use Chuck1310 as the message so I can find your problem.
    - Second, do as per my last message above and let me know which Bookmark Accessor your phone is using - this is found by running a test.

    Thanks and feel free to email me directly at phonemarks@littleapp.co.uk instead.

  5. I'm trying to run PhoneMarks 11.11.21 on a Toshiba Thrive with frimware HTK55D.31.5.0002. PhoneMarks freezes for me also. I get an error message "The application PhoneMarks (process littleapp.android.phonemarks) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." Any ideas???

  6. Hi quicky2g,
    Thanks for your feedback. The Toshiba Thrive uses 3.2 (Honeycomb) which PhoneMarks currently does not support - Google changed the way bookmarks are stored between 2.x and 3.x.

    I am trying to support this and have managed to add/remove bookmarks to the underlying system, but they don't appear in the Bookmark list.

    I'll keep you posted if I manage to support this in the New Year.

    Thanks again for trying.

  7. Thanks anyways. I created a tool to import bookmarks to the thrive. It converts Firefox and IE bookmarks to the Android browser format. It's located here http://www.thriveforums.org/forum/toshiba-thrive-help/6925-new-tool-import-bookmarks-thrive.html

  8. Thanks again.
    I'll have a look at that tool.

  9. little app,my chrome extension can't sync with my phone samsung galaxy note 2.3.6 gingerbread.In phone i using google account wit password n i had alr sign in to google acc at chrome.{{{Everytime i click on the phonemark icon at chrome it keep redireting}}}.Any solution?pls help!thk much

  10. Hi Anonymous

    Hummm, think I've heard about the Chrome not authenticating, or not actually getting to the authentication page. Think I saw it once, but it fixed itself somehow.

    It could be something to do with your clock settings - Google's authentication servers are sensitive to differences in time between them and your computer. Try updating your clock.

    Can you get to the following URLS?

  11. Hi, I can't sync on my Galaxy Nexus running ICS. IsPhone Marks compatible? It worked for a while

  12. PhoneMarks currently doesn't support ICS. I did start, but as ICS supports it out-of-the-box I didn't feel that many users would require this.

  13. Hi.. i'v got a big problem... no more synchro till I installed google drive... the phonemarks file is in the google drive directory the synchro works fine 1 time.....but not for the next ones.. i've got to delete the file in google drive and the synchro works 1 time... any idea ??????

  14. Hummm, I haven't tried PhoneMarks after GoogleDrive was launched.

    Leave it with me and I'll do some tests here over the next few days and see if I can replicate the issue.

    BTW I haven't had any other reports of it not working.

  15. Hi SLVH,

    I have tried it using GoogleDrive and on first impressions it still works.

    Which version are you using? Pro or Free?
    Can you give me more details on the problem you are getting? Do you know if it is the Chrome extension or Android app that is not working? Try adding a new bookmark in Chrome and the synchronising - check the PhoneMarks file within your GoogleDrive, does it contain the new bookmark? If you are using Pro, then try the same on your phone - add bookmark and synchronise, checking the PhoneMarks file again.

    Let me know how you get on - feel free to send it to phonemarks@littleapp.co.uk.

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  17. Tried to download from
    and got
    The installation of this element it could not work properly
    package not valid. "Impossible to charge extension icon img/logo_64.png"
    and afetr that invites to do it again, but not success
    Chrome used 31.0.1650.63 m

    1. Hi Piero,
      Chrome has change the fundamentals of their extension package structure. I have been slowly working on a replacement, but it hasn't been fully tested (I don't have a 2.x Android phone anymore).

      If you are willing to try it, please PM me on phonemarks@littleapp.co.uk and I can send you the link to the test version.

  18. My phone is Android 3.2 (Samsung Tablet 7" GT-P6200), do you think can I try?. But as I told you the starting problem is in downloading on my PC. Do you have a new version for teh PC?

    1. Hummm... The Android app does not support 3.x and above. Android changed the way they handed bookmarks and synchronization was built-in (much better in 4.x), so I never got it fully working.

      So, even if you have the new extension I don't think the application will work on your phone.



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