Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PhoneMarks 11.7.19 Released! (Android)

Update to correctly add boomarks in folder on SGS2. Hopefully this will allow SGS2 users to correctly index bookmarks within the correct folders.

Please Note - Current SGS2 users using the PRO version.
As this is an update the solves the issues with SGS2 and allows bookmarks to be correctly stored in folders, this may have side effects with your current bookmarks as it tries to convert them in to use folders. I do not have direct access to a SGS2 handset so is very hard to check all configurations and upgrade paths.
SGS2 users using the FREE version will not be effected as the synchronisation process with delete all your bookmarks and re-add them everytime.

If this happens, or any other problems, please contact me.


  1. I have installed both in chrome and android (2.3) and don't find the bookmarks in Dolphin browser, is the default browser but with empty bookmarks, where are they?


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