Friday, June 17, 2011

Samsung Device Issue (Update/06/2011)

Getting there with the Samsung Devices.

  • Galaxy S and Captivate devices work!
  • Galaxy S2 and Infuse still don't!

So onwards, I have access to the Galaxy S2 browser code and can see that it is different to the Galaxy S structure and format. I will try and add this functionality to the application as soon as I have a spare moment.

On another note, I have released a PhoneMarks Development version (which is locked to only run for certain users). This is my testing/development platform for beta testing any updates without effecting the released products. I am using this with a SGS2 user to beta test the new update and check it works before I release it within the main application. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester or are having problems with PhoneMarks, then please email me your Google email address, phone/os details and your problem. I can then enable you to use this version and hence debug and fix your problems.


  1. After working with 2 SGS2 users (Thanks Luca and Henrik) I have a working version of PhoneMarks for SGS2!

    Just need to transfer it to the released code line and test.

    While supporting these different browsers extracted the code for each browser type: Stock, SGS1 and SGS2 - so that changes to one will not effect the others. Once this is released I'll add the support for Honeycomb (which does it completely differently again :$ )

  2. Update released that hopefully will support SGS2.


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