Friday, March 25, 2011

PhoneMarks 11.3.25 Released! (Android/Extension)

## BUG: Synchronisation Issue + Delete Message ##
Reported errors that PhoneMarks failed to synchronise and kept reporting delete message. This has been fixed and should synchronise correctly.

## BUG: Some bookmarks not synchronising correctly ##
Noticed that some bookmarks were not being correctly synchronised. This was found to be a problem if the added bookmark was in the 'history/last used' list. Changed the bookmark add code to correctly add bookmarks to Android.

## BUG: Unable to delete bookmarks after synchronisation ##
Reports that after synchronising, users are unable to delete bookmarks.
A work around was to edit the bookmark and then delete it.
With the change to the bookmark add code, bookmarks can now be correctly deleted in Android.

Pro Users
If you have problems deleting bookmarks previous to this release, either edit the bookmark in question (change the name) and then delete it or use the 'Delete Bookmarks' option in the menu to remove all your bookmarks and then synchronise again.
DO NOT use the 'Delete Synchronisation' option unless you also delete the synchronisation data from Chrome within the options panel!

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