Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PhoneMarks 11.3.22 Released! (Android/Extension)

## New Logo ##
Logo within the application has been updated.

## Fixed: License checking issue (Pro Only) ##
Fixed a minor issue that on first synchronise, the application would report that the user was not licensed - this was not true, and was only a delay in validating it with the Google servers.


  1. I am unable to use phonemarks - I allow access to gdocs, then click the icon in the browser, and immediately I get "access failed please try again (400)". I have tried multiple times-no luck.

  2. Which country are you accessing this from? I have a had a report of this happening. It could be because I use HTTPS to connect to GoogleDocs and hence you are not allow to access it.

    I am considering creating a setting to allow this to be changed to a HTTP connection. How do you access your GoogleDocs area?

    Try https://docs.google.com or http://docs.google.com


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